Loan Workout

The stabilisation and exit of distressed property company or operating company loans requires the following key skills:

  • Intensive hands-on financial management, probing, and experience of distressed situations
  • Strong property/business management skills, and knowledge of property and corporate law
  • The ability to step back from the detail, and to isolate and address the issues to repair/maximise asset value for a lender
  • People and relationship building skills, and in particular, to manage the professionals and control loan exit costs
  • An independent approach to think like a property/business owner rather than a lender or loan investor

Roscoe Management provides the following supporting roles:

  • Hands-on management of distressed property assets or real estate backed operating companies, where confidence in management is lost.
  • Business reviews of property portfolios or operating businesses occupying properties secured to distressed loans.
  • Review of business processes, and borrower’s management of cash.
  • Review borrower’s business plans to exit a loan portfolio and scrutinise for deliverability.
  • Preparation of business plans for the credit committee advising on loan exit solutions.
  • Advising on the insolvency of property holding companies and ‘best’ restructuring solutions for property exits.

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